Summer Mornings at the Bar-B-Bar

Summer mornings are magical at the Bar-B-Bar. I treasure waking up early to watch the first light. I love to extend my morning ritual, and I go to bed looking forward to what awaits me the next day. I feel like a child filled with wonder as I peek out my bedroom window to see what might be outside my house – Elk grazing in the tall grass, Moose drinking from the pond or that Blue Heron that keeps its distance but loves to feed on baby trout.  

As I pour my first cup of coffee, I watch the soft pink alpenglow paint the westward face of the Tetons. Looking East the first rays of the sun crown the Sleeping Indian. The sweeping mountain views are like postcards in every direction. I wander out to the terrace to listen to the birds fluttering about. The Trumpeter Swan’s white reflection in the pond is interrupted by a water landing creating ripples that run to the shore and the reflection is smooth again. 

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The herd of elk seeks cover in the mature spruce trees to bed down for the day. I wonder what they are saying to each other as they chirp back and forth.

As the sun rises I lace up my walking shoes and head down the community walkway to see what’s happening on the banks of the Snake River. My dogs pant furiously as they pace back and forth with anticipation. My ritual has become theirs and we all go bounding off.

I walk up and down the corridor, over a mile and a half of private access to river frontage, keeping a watchful eye out for bald eagles and osprey that soar above looking for a breakfast of cutthroat trout. The river has an abundance of native Snake River Cutthroats, making it a fisherman’s playground. Some of my neighbors in Bar-B-Bar make a day of fly fishing this stretch or have an evening ritual of making a few casts before dinner. 

Returning home with tired dogs, my morning ritual has come to an end. Off to town to town I go, just 8.5 miles away. I smile as I look in the rear view mirror and remember the grandeur of my morning, the natural sanctuary, the views, the wildlife, the running water.  It makes me want to pinch myself every day. 

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