Jackson Hole Shootout Gang

Jackson Hole Shootout Gang

Nat Geo: Cowboys and Immigrants: An African Emigre’s Jackson, Wyoming

One our local residents and authors, Alexandria Fuller, shares in National Geographic, her journey of having moved from Zambia to Jackson Hole in her mid-20s. She is the author of five books of nonfiction, most recently the best-seller Leaving Before the Rains Come.

“I’ve learned the mountains here, their features as craggy and weathered as beloved elders. I’m on first-name terms with the checkout staff at the Jackson Whole Grocer, and they know by my cart—frozen food and boxes of soup—when I’ve overshot a deadline and am no longer cooking. A local cop, seeing me in the rodeo grounds after a long, hot horseback ride in which I’d taken a wrong turn up a mountain canyon and ended up riding down Snow King, the town’s local ski hill, offered me a bottle of water. “How’s the writing going?” he asked, before tipping back his hat to reveal the face of a friend of a friend’s ex-boyfriend.”


Latham Jenkins has built a successful, decades-long career around his personal credo of “connecting people with experiences.” He has manifested this love of strategic storytelling in all of his professional pursuits in real estate, marketing, media, photography, and more.

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