West of Jackson to the Snake River

Jackson Hole Real Estate Owners West of Jackson Enjoy Seclusion and Privacy

You’d never guess there was so much Jackson Hole real estate tucked into the buttes and forests off Highway 22 between Jackson and Wilson, but there are. Here you can hide along the landscape as gracefully as the wildlife. Lots in the many subdivisions are increasingly rarer in the Jackson Hole real estate market. The built parcels have a mix of single family homes, most of them worth boasting about for privacy and roomy specs.

Skyline homes wind around a hill for a variety of picturesque vistas including Puzzleface Ranch or a sunset view of Rendezvous Peak. Full-time residents of this coveted region of Jackson Hole real estate tend to hold on to these plots, but a few make appearances in the Jackson Hole real estate market from time to time.

Thanks to the Teton County Skyline Development Standard, homes and real estate on buttes and hillsides visible from public roads should not penetrate the skyline or must recreate natural features. Almost the entire corridor of Highway 22 is scenic space due to land easements and development codes. Some Jackson Hole non-profits dedicate their efforts to preserving open spaces; for this reason 97% of the valley is under some type of protection – national forest and park or easement.

Take a trip up Spring Gulch Road for a surprisingly beautiful drive. Spring Creek and Amangani provide its Jackson Hole real estate owners with more than just privacy. The resorts offer poolside dipping, athletic centers, housekeeping, fully furnished homes and other privileges that its Jackson Hole real estate owners and guests expect.

Amangani is Áman Resorts’ first North American property. The panoramic views make you feel proud to own Jackson Hole real estate, and the restaurants and bars get steady traffic from locals and owners of Jackson Hole real estate. The multi-million dollar territories in this Jackson Hole area overlook largely vacant land once used for ranching. The area seems to apply only sophistication in building and its coveted Jackson Hole real estate.

A bit further west, Bar Y and Gros Ventre North and West enjoy similar views of the Tetons and the Snake River floodplain. Sprawling rooftops blend with pines and aspens along the Butte. Typically, these distinguished dwellings and the price per acre will encourage only premium Jackson Hole real estate buyers. If you can find an offering on the south side of the highway, views take in the Snake River as it meanders through tree-lined meadows, finally disappearing into the gentle Snake River Range. Working ranches dot the flatlands while marshlands and forest hide real estate on the western shore of the river. The summer haunt for locals and Jackson Hole real estate owners, “Wilson Beach,” is only a few miles away from all of these locations, and walking paths line the river where dogs often outnumber people.  //

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