West Bank South

Jackson Hole Real Estate Owners of West Bank South Enjoy Inspirational Views

If you’re looking for your own private postcard, consider the area of Jackson Hole that stretches from the base of the pass in Wilson south along the hills. Jackson Hole real estate here affords views of mountains, pine forests, and the Snake River, all of which could inspire Ansel Adams.

Fall Creek Road is also one of the more remote areas of Jackson Hole, yet buyers of Jackson Hole real estate still feel as if they belong to the community. Equestrian activity is lively along this road. Even if you buy in one of the few subdivisions that does not allow horses on property, a nearby boarding stable will accommodate. Fly-fishermen thrive here as well, it being one of many hobbies for these lucky owners of Jackson Hole real estate. At Crescent H Ranch, on the west side of the road, about seven miles south of Wilson, streams criss-cross the real estate, teeming with native trout. Legend has it that at various times of the year you don’t even need a rod; you can “tickle” them into your creel with bare hands.

In addition to big name subdivisions – Crescent H, Pine Meadows, Teal Trace, Rivermeadows – smaller ones have such seclusion that no one aside from their Jackson Hole real estate owners have heard of them. Some homes scattered along the road don’t belong to any subdivision. The most expensive Jackson Hole real estate along this area of the West Bank have access to the Snake River, running on the eastern side of the road. Such properties are rare, but display price tags that can run upwards of $10 million.

Fall Creek Road loops around until it hits Highway 189 about 17 miles south of Jackson Hole in the Snake River Canyon. A little further than halfway along the loop price per acre begins to drop relatively, but you would still be hard pressed to find anything less than a million. Larger properties are more readily available. Red Top Meadows, 14 miles south of Wilson, and a good 35 minute drive to Jackson Hole, is a beautiful development surrounded by national forest and working ranches. //

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