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Jackson Hole Real Estate Owners Enjoy City Conveniences in Jackson

In downtown Jackson you won’t find the air of a city, but the bustling town square and its branching streets make a quasi-cosmopolitan walking district. Very few places in the world combine all-natural outdoor recreation with shopping, restaurants, bars, museums, galleries, theaters, religious centers and entertainment as the town of Jackson does. As part of maintaining these playful spaces, the town of Jackson itself is compact – 8,647 people in a three square mile radius – with a genuine sense of community. Locals and owners of Jackson Hole real estate walk and bike or drive their cars around the visitor-friendly center, complete with elk antler gateways.

That’s right, the town of Jackson and Jackson Hole in general has been discovered, and some three million “guests” come each summer to enjoy the national parks and pristine style of life. Nobody seems to mind the influx, since locals and owners of Jackson Hole real estate know that you can easily escape to Cache Creek or Snow King for a quiet hike. Real backcountry extends for miles in every direction. Plus, an international array of visitors means that Jackson Hole has all the amenities to present comfort to mountain living. The Jackson Hole lifestyle is not for everyone though, and people come and go.

You will find a celebration of the landscape everywhere you look in the town of Jackson: galleries, National Museum of Wildlife Art, national forests, Elk Refuge and open ranch-style land that flanks the townscape. Hike, bike, ski, fish, slow-boat down the Snake River, golf on premiere courses, or find a cup of still life in the panoramic splendor. Owners of Jackson Hole real estate know how to appreciate their chosen home. Art, theater, music, and micro-brews balance this go-get-it fitness lifestyle.

Jackson Hole has blossomed from the cow-town of yore to a legitimate cultural oasis in Wyoming. Kick back and listen to the howdy partner of the summer rodeo announcer and witness cowboys riding their bulls, all while wearing a designer cowboy hat. Try swinging into the saddle at the infamous Cowboy Bar, or more subtly imbibe in refined flavors at one of the many culinary establishments where they know you by name. In the summer you might get lost in the world-class symphony of Grand Teton Music Festival, stroll through the Farmer’s Market, catch a Film Festival showing, an artist opening, or the weeklong Fall Arts Festival.

The old adage that you can find a PhD serving your coffee is a Jackson Hole truism. Although it is easy to get detached out here in Wyoming, awareness is part of Jackson’s charm. The Center for the Arts aligns with Dancers’ Workshop and Off Square Theater Company to present artistic occasions for leisure learning – pottery, painting, African dance, photography, acting classes, and much more. Meanwhile, Central Wyoming College’s outreach programs keep the town of Jackson up to date with a host of credit and non-credit classes year-round. Join a book club, rush off to your favorite yoga studio, find a wine tasting (even on a budget) or appreciate Jazz standards performed by local Jackson Hole artists.

Any city, regardless of size, has its neighborhoods. The town of Jackson’s are within walking distance to amenities and quiet friendliness. The town of Jackson offers a consistent inventory. East Jackson feels especially remote, extending from Cache Street east to the National Elk Refuge. You will find a happy mishmash of fixer-uppers and mobiles alongside well-landscaped single-family houses, glass-fronted luxury condos and cabins with relaxing wooded privacy.

South and west of downtown Jackson, closer to the library and grocery stores, displays a combination too. Prices have jumped to just above reasonable in this bedroom area. Townhomes and condos conceal the private neighborhoods behind them. The hidden plots offer a sense of community and contemporary family homes with oversized yards. These spaces have proximity to national forest and the bike path, as well as Flat Creek which runs east to west along the southern end of Jackson. The subdivisions south of Jackson have practical access to the schools and downtown. //

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