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Jackson Hole Real Estate Owners North of Jackson Enjoy Some of Jackson Hole’s Best

Jackson Hole real estate owners could endlessly debate where to find the best view in the valley. North of Jackson is decidedly the most stunning. Find a place in Kelly, at Jackson Hole Golf & Tennis, Solitude, or on Moulton Loop Road and you’re likely to never leave home.

The Tetons run north and south for a tremendous shot of the entire range. Real estate overlooks Grand Teton National Park. Moran peak is a favorite of Jackson Hole real estate owners and locals, square-topped with a glacier clinging cold and white in the forefront. It seems every angle holds a new appeal here, and Jackson Hole real estate owners in this area relish their relationship with the mountains. Don’t be surprised when moose and elk wander out of their protected home into yours.

The Jackson Hole airport is nearby for quick access to a vacation house, but the town of Jackson is at least 15 minutes depending on weather. No one seems to mind this cruise on open highway, the therapeutic landscapes or the privacy. Be aware that subdivisions on the flats, west off of Highway 89/191, might hear plane traffic.

Jackson Hole real estate owners benefit from federal legislation, effective as of 2004, limiting access to only the quieter stage three crafts. Many full-timers live around Bar B Bar Estates. Some of the Jackson Hole real estate’s most adorned territories hide in the far western part of the area with newer dwellings and roomy lots. Among the developments on this side of the highway is Jackson Hole Golf & Tennis Club, with homes generally not more than 30 years old. Eye-catching architecture in and around Prince Place is mostly vacation residence with price tags to match the luxury living for these Jackson Hole real estate owners.

Kelly, a small town off the east side of the highway, has old and funky charm. Kelly only missed being named the county seat by a few votes in the 1920’s. A few days after the vote, the Kelly Slide completely washed the town away. (No need to fear that history will repeat itself). The rebuilt Kelly is a place of intermittently paved roads and few amenities – just the way the town’s independent residents like it. As proof of its quirkiness, Kelly has a subsection known as “yurtville,” where a dozen or so yurts have permanent status. Real estate in Kelly either take their place on the valley flats or snuggle into the tree line at the base of the Gros Ventre Range to the far east. //

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